Acoustical Baffles

Acoustical Baffles

Acoustical Baffles are a kind of hanging ceiling acoustic material, with both sides sound absorbing features. The panel is mostly hung on ceiling horizontally or vertically depending upon the design requirement. The baffles are most effective used to reduce noise levels in industrial, offices and recreational and other high traffic and noisy areas, baffles can help reduce the actual room noise by 10-15 dB depending on the configuration of the baffles installed. They have good sound absorbing properties with optimum NRC 0.9. The Baffle range is designed in such a way contribute to a peaceful environment and to reduce sound because of its high functioning. These baffles are wrapped with either textured scrim matte surface and also available in soft fabrics and vinyl finish options.
Their high sound absorbing performance, durability and eye pleasing appearance are an unmistakable element is interior spaces. Acoustical baffle products are Class 1 fire rated. Damping of impact noise caused by ran on metal dock roofs. Combined with sound absorbent materials, it offers products with high acoustic performance. Ideally suited for open ceiling designs and acoustic corrections in places where it is not possible to install a false ceiling. The application of baffles is the ideal option for reducing reverberation due to the wide sound absorbing surface provided. The various colors and finish can satisfy the acoustic and decorative requirements for all the clients.

Acoustical baffles are hung from ceilings to absorb sounds and reduce reverberation and echoes. They are used in large, open spaces like shopping centres, sports halls, concert halls, gymnasiums, hotel lobbies and manufacturing plants. Sound attenuation is necessary to protect the environment. To control sound in a large open area we have Acoustic baffles. These can be used for outdoor functions where there is loud music or a lot of high volume sound. We manufacture acoustic baffles that have a capability of high sound absorption. The coefficient of our sound baffles range from NCR .75 to NCR 1.15.

Acoustical baffles are precision engineered and can be used to reduce echo or improve the room acoustics in a large hall or auditorium during concerts or performances.

Properties of Acoustical baffles:-

  •   Light weight: The baffles are of a light weight and easy to hang from the ceiling. They do not require a study suspension beam. They have grommets to help with the installation.
  •   Thermal resistance: The baffles have thermal resistance and are not affected by high temperature. They can safely be placed near intense lighting without affecting the sound absorptions capabilities.
  •   Fire retardant: The baffles are made of fire resistant material and have a fire rating of Class 1.
  •   Absorption rating: The baffles have a noise reduction coefficient of .90 to 1.10 sound absorption rating.
  •   Colour: The acoustical baffles are designed for aesthetic appeal and are available in a variety of colours and designs.
  •   Safe Material: The acoustic baffles are made of safe materials and free of natural mineral fibre and synthetic material.
  •   Covering: The ripstop nylon fibre used to cover baffles provides good sound insulation and is extremely durable.
  •   Finish: The baffles have a choice of material for the finish which are Sailcloth, Whispertex, Guilford, Tekwall and Webcore.

How do they work?

When sound waves hit the panel, they penetrate it, causing the fibre glass core to vibrate. This vibration creates friction, which converts the sound to heat.

The sound absorption rate is typically between 90-100%, so acoustic baffles are an excellent way to reduce noise levels in open spaces. Depending on the baffle’s materials, it can also target problem frequencies.

Why use Acoustical baffles?

Acoustical baffles eliminate the issue of reverberation in spaces with high ceilings. Most high ceilings are made from highly reflective surfaces like glass and steel panelling, and baffles absorb sound that would otherwise be reflected.

When sounds hit reflective surfaces, they bounce off because only a small amount of sound is absorbed. In contrast, when sounds hit baffles, they penetrate the panel and are diffused with friction, converting the sound to heat.

Where should they be used?

Acoustical baffles are found in most public spaces with high ceilings, including shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and swimming baths.

They are perfect for buildings with high ceilings but can be positioned at any height, so they are also suitable for moderately high ceilings.

For even greater acoustic control, we can also use acoustic wall panels. These reduce noise even further, making spaces quieter.

What are Acoustical baffles made from?

Acoustical baffles have a fibre glass or foam core sandwiched in plastic, rubber, or aluminium, or they can have no outer wrapper. Fibre glass baffles are the best at absorbing sound, with a sound absorption rate above 90% when rated class A.

How are Acoustical baffles installed?

Acoustical baffles are suspended from ceilings with steel wire rope or chains, and they require minimal labour to install and can be staggered at different heights. If you have open rafters, the installation will be as simple as fixing the rope to them.

The ideal application is rooms with exposed metal joists, such as industrial plants, shopping centres and sports halls. If you have a solid ceiling, fixing points need creating, but rest assured, these are simple to make in most cases.

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