Acoustical Wooden Baffles

Acoustical Wooden Baffles

Wooden acoustic hanging baffles made out of solid Pine hardwood Slats of 14mm wide, 08mm thick at an 04mm interval. The baffles are fitted with Brackets and hanging accessories / suspension system. The width of baffle will be 50mm, depth 150mm and placed at 150mm C/C. Baffles are filled with acoustic insulation material of 64 Kg/m3 Rockwool Confirming to IS 8183, Glass Fiber Cloth Laminated , NRC Value – 0.90 NRC, the baffles will be in polish finish to match with existing interior. These hanging acoustic baffles help to control Echos on large covered areas. Providing and fixing of suspended acoustical Hanging baffles 50 mm thick of size – 500 x 1000mm / 600 x 1200mm , fabric laminated on all sides and edges.

Types Of Wooden Acoustic Hanging Baffles

There are various types of Wooden Acoustic Hanging Baffles available, each with its unique design and characteristics. Some common types include:

  • Perforated Wooden Baffles: These baffles feature evenly spaced perforations that allow sound waves to pass through and get absorbed by the internal material.
  • Slotted Wooden Baffles: Slotted baffles have narrow, elongated slots instead of perforations. These slots provide additional diffusion and allow sound to enter the baffle from different angles.
  • Fabric-Wrapped Wooden Baffles: These baffles have a layer of fabric wrapped around the wooden core, providing a visually appealing finish while maintaining acoustic performance.

How do Acoustic Wooden Baffles work?

The sound energy penetrates the panel, causing the tiny glass wool fibres inside the core material to vibrate. These vibrations produce friction between the fibres, producing minuscule amounts of heat, this heat dissipates quickly throughout the panel, converting sound energy into thermal (heat) energy.



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