Open Cell Ceiling

Open Cell Ceiling System

Thickness: 0.50mm

Humidity Resistance: 100%

Fire Resistance: as per BS476 (Part 4)

Open Cell Ceiling

Open Cell ceiling systems comprise a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. Our open cell ceilings are designed and built to the highest standards and provide an exceptional level of build and acoustical quality. Open cell ceilings can provide a flexible option for a wide range of projects. 

An Open Cell ceiling is a ceiling system with a grid-like structure composed of interlocking metal or timber components. A common example is aluminium ceiling panels, which are used all over the world.

Unlike traditional suspended ceilings with solid panels, an Open Cell ceiling has open spaces or cells between the panels, creating a visually striking design. The cells can take various shapes, such as squares, rectangles, or hexagons, and they can be different sizes and depths, allowing for creative customisation.

While on the surface they are selected for their aesthetic impact, Open Cell Ceiling Systems offer several key advantages over a conventional suspended ceiling.

Open cell ceilings are made of aluminium, a durable, smooth and 100% recyclable metal suitable for expressing a modern and sustainable design.

Open cell ceilings are very easy to install and remove. Compatible with industry standards for lighting, HVAC, loudspeakers and security services, they guarantee maximum accessibility to the plenum and great ease of intervention for maintenance crews.

Open cell ceilings are produced in standard or custom dimensions. The latter solution reduces unnecessary waste, with material savings of up to 95%.

Classified as Euro class A1 – non-flammable, ceilings are designed to absorb large amounts of smoke in the event of a fire, providing better visibility to emergency exits.

The Empty/Full Ratio finds in our products a wide range of solutions. In compliance with the regulations, depending on the models, on the cell sizes, open cell ceilings offer apertures from 30% up to 99%.

Open cell ceilings are designed to interrupt sound waves thanks to an absorbent component placed above each panel.

The ultra-lightweight design of open cell ceilings minimises dust deposits. In addition, the ceilings can be easily cleaned thanks to their easy installation and removal.

Aluminium ceilings are not only conceived for interior design, they can be used in countless other applications: from transport to laser cutting, from air conditioning (railway and nautical, for example) to machine tools, screen printing and more.

Our products are available in a wide range of finishes: pre-painted or post-painted according to RAL, NCS, Pantone colours, anodised or in different shades – such as wood, marble, or any other at your request – with a high-quality print finish. It is also possible to micro perforate the panels, in different patterns, to meet specific aesthetic and acoustic requirements.

Suitable for :-

Ceilings, Metal, Commercial, Education, Office, Interior, Industrial, Retail, Warehouse, Hospitality, Feature Products, Mixed Use, Hall / Conference, Non-Structural, School, Specialty, Entrance / Lobby, Transport.


The first reason is aesthetics. Open cell ceilings can create a visually pleasing roof to any space. Most commercial office spaces and other larger areas use a plenum system to allow air ducts, cabling, and more to go along the ceiling. This is obviously not always very nice to look at. An open cell ceiling covers all of this up but because of how it can be designed it can also use shadows and light to create something much more than just a ceiling. Our design team is here to help you create a ceiling that people look at and that brings a positive feel to the space.


Open cell ceilings are especially useful for buildings with small plenum depths and prove very popular in such spaces. They are also applied where there is a desire to make give a room a lower ceiling without actually changing the roof height. An open cell ceiling can be used to bring the roof line down while maintaining the original space. Wherever something light and flexible in its design is needed we can create an open cell ceiling to suit. This type of metal ceiling is suitable for the leisure industry, schools, offices, and corporate buildings as well as public spaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Open Cell Ceiling

What is an open cell ceiling?

An open cell ceiling is a type of ceiling system that features a grid-like structure made up of interconnected cells or modules. The cells are typically square or rectangular in shape and are open to the space above the ceiling, giving the ceiling a unique and distinctive look.
Open cell ceilings are often used in commercial or institutional buildings, such as offices, airports, and retail spaces, because they offer a number of benefits. The open structure of the ceiling allows for easy access to the space above the ceiling, which can be useful for maintenance or for running electrical or HVAC systems. Additionally, the open cells provide a certain amount of sound absorption and can help to reduce noise levels in the space, making them a popular choice for buildings where noise reduction is a priority. Open cell ceilings can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, or mineral fiber. Each material offers a unique look and can be finished in a range of colors and textures to match the surrounding decor.
Overall, open cell ceilings are a distinctive and versatile option for commercial or institutional spaces, providing a unique look while also offering practical benefits such as accessibility and sound absorption.

What is the open cell ceiling size?

Open cell ceilings come in a wide range of sizes, depending on the specific needs of the space and the design requirements of the project. The size of the cells or modules can vary, as can the spacing between them and the overall size of the ceiling system.
In general, the cells or modules in an open cell ceiling system are typically square or rectangular in shape, and can range in size from a few inches to several feet in width or length. The spacing between the cells can also vary, with some systems featuring tightly spaced cells and others featuring more open spacing for a more dramatic look. The size of the overall ceiling system will depend on a range of factors, such as the size of the room or space being covered, the height of the ceiling, and the design requirements of the project. Open cell ceilings can be designed to cover a wide range of spaces, from small rooms to large open areas such as airport terminals or convention centers.
Ultimately, the size of an open cell ceiling will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the project, and it’s important to work with a qualified contractor or supplier to select the right size and configuration for your particular space.

What is the price of an open cell ceiling in India?

The price of an open cell ceiling in India can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the material used, the size and complexity of the design, and the installation requirements.
In general, metal open cell ceilings tend to be more expensive than other materials, such as wood or mineral fiber. The price can range from around (Mention Lowest Price) to (Mention Highest Price) per square foot, with some high-end designs costing even more.
Other factors that can affect the cost of an open cell ceiling include the size of the space being covered, the height of the ceiling, and the complexity of the design. Additionally, installation costs can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project, such as access to the ceiling or the need for specialized equipment or tools.
It’s important to work with a qualified contractor or supplier to get an accurate estimate of the cost of an open cell ceiling for your particular project, taking into account all of the relevant factors and requirements.



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