Acoustics Movable Partition

Acoustics Movable Partition

As the ultra high version, pattern 125 movable partition wall systems are made up of a series of individual partition panel with ceiling track which make it be able to slide along the track. These movable partition walls on wheels are widely used in hotels, shops, exhibition centers, exhibition center, colleges, clubs, art centers, stadium, sports centers, offices, testing center, bowling centers, schools, conference center, golf clubs, etc.

Structure of Pattern 125 Movable Sound Proof Partition Wall

The nominal thickness of movable partition wall is 120mm.
The movable partition wall panel frames are made of standard construction grade aluminium alloy.
Surface panels are available in 12mm thick MDF board, particle board, gypsum board.
Different soundproof material infill and surface material decide the acoustic performance to meet different STC requirements.

Movable Partition Wall Suspension Systems

The aluminium track system is made of natural construction grade aluminium alloy.
Each single suspension hanging wall divider panel has vertical metal bearing wheels on the track.
Different options for track crossings can be used to meet specific design requirements.
Single or dual panel suspension options to accommodate different parking layout designs and requirements.

Technical description of movable partition walls

The panels that make up the movable wall systems basically consist of 4 modules.

Start panel : All partition systems start with a wall-mounted initial profile. It can be embedded in the wall or mounted on the wall. The first panel is attached to the start panel and all other panels are attached to each other with vertical edges.

Standard panel: Most of the panels that make up a movable partition wall system are in this class. They are 100 mm or 120 mm thick, and system height varies. Chipboard or mdf-lam is generally used on both surfaces of the panel. If desired, glass or jalousie glass modules can be integrated into it.

Telescopic panel: All movable partition wall systems end with a telescopic panel in the vertical plane. The reason for this is that the rotation gap remaining at the end of the system has to be closed by compressing with another piece that moves vertically and comes out of the last panel.

Door Module: The module, which is integrated into the standard panel with the same thickness and high acoustic values as the system, in order to provide transition between the movable partition walls and the sections separated, is called a door module. It can be made as a single leaf or double leaf.

Purpose of using movable partitions

The most important purpose of use of movable walls is to make spaces with fixed walls and borders more flexible and efficient by means of walls that move and whose borders can be changed.

The increase in building costs all over the world directs us to use our spaces efficiently. The most successful way of using the spaces efficiently and flexibly is the movable wall systems. Especially the organizations that serve for purposes such as meetings, invitations, wedding organizations gain great advantages by choosing movable partition wall systems.

The understanding that movable partitions are convenient, aesthetic and cost-effective to use increases the demand for movable wall technology every year.

Classification of movable partition walls

Although movable walls seem to be the same in general, they have lower definitions that differ from each other from different angles.

1-Movable partition walls are divided into two parts according to the form of movement.

Movable partition walls

In movable partition walls, each panel that makes up the system can move independently. The panels are suspended on the ceiling rail with one or two rollers.

Our systems Panerite, Pansmart, and Panplus belong to the class of movable partition walls.

Folding partition walls

In a folding partition system, the panels are connected to each other by special hinges and move together. When closed, it moves in a Z-shape, and due to the principle of the system, only one roller can suspend the panel from the rail. Therefore, it is not recommended for rooms with very large openings.

Panfold Basic and Panfold Auto in our systems belong to the class of folding partitions.

Movable partition walls are divided into three in terms of the source of movement.

Manual movable walls are systems

that are moved by manually pushing and pulling, and the lower and upper guillotines are manually controlled.

Panelite, Panplus, Panfold Basic, Panglas Basic in our systems are classified as manual movable walls.

Semi-Automatic Movable Partition Walls

Are systems in which the sliding movement of the panels on the rail is done manually, but the lower and upper sound insulation guillotines are provided automatically by the motors inside the panel.

Pansmart, Panfold Auto, and Panglass Auto in our systems are classified as semi-automatic movable walls.

Automatically movable partition walls

Are systems in which the lower and upper insulation guillotines, including the forward and backward movement of the panels on the rail, are provided automatically by means of the software and electronic motors in the system. Fully automatic movable walls are not produced by our company because they are not suitable due to their high cost and structural problems in the buildings.

Movable partition walls are divided into five in terms of surface coatings.

Wooden movable partition walls

Should be made of prefabricated MDF, chipboard, wood veneer, lacquered surface, etc. Our Panellite, Pansmart, Panfold Auto and Panfold Basic systems are suitable for use on wooden surfaces.

Acoustic Movable Partition Wall

is the name of the systems in which the panel surfaces are covered with acoustic wooden elements. Our PanelitePansmartPanfold Auto systems are suitable for turning into an acoustic movable partition wall.

Fabric Covered Movable Partition Wall

Is manufactured by applying acoustic fabric on wooden covered walls. We can apply fabric to our PanelitePanplusPansmartPanfold AutoPanfold Basic systems.

Movable Glazed Partition Wall

is the name of the systems we can create by integrating glass and/or jalousie glass modules into wooden-clad systems. By integrating glass modules into our PanelitePanplusPansmartPanfold AutoPanfold Basic systems, we can turn the system into Movable Glass Partition Walls.

Movable Glass Partition Wall

is the name of the system in which it consists only of glass and aluminium frame components. It can be manufactured as single glazed or double glazed.

Among our systems, Pan glass Basic and Pan glass Auto fall into this class.


Movable walls move on the rail with the help of rollers. They do not need any guide on the floor

Movable wall systems can be used in old buildings as well as in new buildings

In movable partition walls, you can provide the transition between the spaces with doors integrated into the panel or at the beginning

In movable wall systems, you can integrate many surface coating options such as wood, acoustic wood, fabric, glass, etc. to the surface, and you can provide compatibility with the rest of the space.

When you choose a wooden protected frame system in movable panel partition systems, you can see a thin aluminium edge on the surface. If you do not want to see aluminium details, the surface coatings come together to create a jointed appearance.

Movable and foldable wall systems are manufactured using CNC technology and can use surface coatings with transitions on the surface.

Movable walls are easy to use, and can be used by anyone after a simple training

The partition wall system can be assembled and disassembled by craftsmen according to the assembly procedure

Movable partition wall panels are easy to maintain, they can be used for many years if they are maintained in accordance with the necessary instructions

When you are not using it, you can either park the movable partition panels inside the space or collect them outside the space

Mobile walls offer a versatile usage advantage

Acoustic partition walls ensure a comfortable environment and privacy thanks to acoustic components

Movable partitions provide savings and profitability by providing flexible and efficient use for many businesses



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